Hold the phone, what's a homophone?

English has a lot of words that sound the same when pronounced, but are both spelled differently and mean different things. These trickster words are homonyms and homophones and are the bane of many English teachers' existences. Some quick definitions Homonyms are words that sound the same, and may have the same or different spellings, as well as different meanings. Homophones are words that sound the same, but are both spelled differently and have different meanings. There are other types of words with varying levels of sameness (spelling, sound, meaning) but we'll just focus on the homonyms and homophones today. For the sake of ease, I'll just refer to these words as homonyms because that

Everyone loves snail mail.

It's true. We all love the thrill of getting a little goodie in the mail. Snail mail tends to be boring, or worse - bills - these days. So why not brighten someone's day with an unexpected little treat. I like sending mini care packages like these because they're thoughtful without being too much effort. They're a great way to let people know you're thinking of them, whether they're down the street or a plane ride away. As the photo below shows, the Post Office is pretty accommodating in terms of what you can mail, just keep in mind that your packaging may have to withstand a rough journey. For the Easter eggs below, I was inspired by Mrs. Weasley's Easter surprises from Harry Potter. I foun

Darn. A hole in your sweater

One way in which we generate a lot of landfill waste is by throwing away clothes. The EPA estimates that each American throws away around 70lbs of clothing and textiles each year. That's a lot of clothes! How many of those clothes really deserve to be sent to a landfill? I'm certainly guilty of buying clothes which I've then either never worn or maybe worn once, yet have owned for years. At some point, my de-cluttering self looks in the closet and decides a bunch of those 'junk clothes' need to go. However, there are many alternatives to just tossing your old clothes in the trash. Some of them might save you money, some of them might make you some money, but they'll all make you feel better

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