TL; DR Acronyms and abbreviations

We've all seen those texting memes about parents who misuse popular messaging abbreviations to the chagrin and chuckles of their children. Kudos to those parents for trying to keep up with the times, but if they've a smart phone from which to text, they also have Google, just an app away to do a quick check of the real meanings of these abbreviated forms of communication. The thing is, it's not just misguided parents who misuse acronyms and abbreviations. First, what's the difference? The Oxford English dictionary differentiates acronyms from abbreviations as pronounceable words formed with the initial letters of a group of words. Abbreviations then, are shortened words that represent a long

Together, we can stop apostrophe abuse!

I don't know when, I don't know how... but some time ago, someone started abusing apostrophes. I'm sure it started out innocently enough with a little confusion over possession. But unfortunately, this apostrophe abuse has gotten so out of hand that even my iPhone encourages it! Let's put an end to this abuse once and for all. There are a total of TWO occasions upon which it is appropriate to decorate a word with an apostrophe: To indicate possession To indicate the omission of one or more letters That's it. To go into a little more detail, we'll start with the possessive apostrophe. This guy indicated ownership or belonging of one thing to another. There are singular and plural forms. Gener

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