Good? To the last drop!

Cosmetics companies saw revenues in excess of $62 billion in revenues in 2016. That's because people are spending more and more on skin care and cosmetics each year. In fact, the Washington Post reports that women are choosing cosmetics and skin care over clothes more and more. Those statistics sound about right to me. Someone once commented to me that you can put almost any clothing on an attractive person and they'll look great. So, we're all trying to start with the most attractive versions of ourselves by caring for our skin and honing our makeup skills. But still... we're spending BILLIONS? Here's one way to make sure you're getting the most for your money. If we're spending that much,

Should have learned...

Wish I had learned... Could have, would have, should have... We've all heard and said those phrases many times. However, we've also heard (and maybe said) them incorrectly. As a self-professed grammar nerd, it makes me cringe when I hear or read intelligent people using incorrect grammar. You're obviously an intelligent individual (I mean, you've made it to this website, right?) have you ever questioned the etymology of a word or wondered if you're saying or using a common phrase incorrectly? In this series, I'll be writing about some of the common grammar faux pas I encounter and how to fix up your speech and writing to Sound Smarter, and elevate your speech to the level of your intellect.

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