Shop smarter

Do you shop online? More and more of us are. We've all heard of coupons and know that we can use them in stores. You've probably also heard of coupon or promotional codes you can use to get a discount when shopping online. But did you know about these other easy ways to save when you're shopping online? Honey What it is: a plug-in for Chrome How to use it: Click the link above to download, and follow the instructions to install. Whenever you checkout at an online retailer, honey will open a little window asking if you'd like to try coupon codes to get a discount. Honey will then go through all the coupon codes it knows and apply the one that saves you the most money. Another, maybe most usef

Gift mis-givings?

Sometimes you want to give the perfect present to someone. It's her big birthday, he's getting married, she just bought a house. Whatever the reason, it can be tough to think of the best present for a great person. I have two ideas to help you. The first is to keep a running list of things you think would be good gifts for anyone and for specific recipients. I have a secret board on Pinterest where I pin gift ideas. I use the comments section to write their name, and if there's a specific reason or conversation we had that made me think it would be appropriate, I'll write a little note. When I'm looking for a gift for someone, I can look to the board for ideas. It's fun when I've written a l

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