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Everyone loves snail mail.

It's true. We all love the thrill of getting a little goodie in the mail. Snail mail tends to be boring, or worse - bills - these days. So why not brighten someone's day with an unexpected little treat. I like sending mini care packages like these because they're thoughtful without being too much effort. They're a great way to let people know you're thinking of them, whether they're down the street or a plane ride away. As the photo below shows, the Post Office is pretty accommodating in terms of what you can mail, just keep in mind that your packaging may have to withstand a rough journey.

For the Easter eggs below, I was inspired by Mrs. Weasley's Easter surprises from Harry Potter. I found some pretty plastic eggs at Target (sadly, I've not seen ones this thick since...) and filled them with mini Nutella cups, Easter candy, and a tiny hand knit rabbit (reminiscent of the famous Weasley sweaters, kinda). I weighed a full egg on my kitchen scale and used to figure out how much postage I'd need. Then I just printed some pretty address labels, stuck on a bunch of stamps, and taped, taped, taped.

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