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Shop smarter

Do you shop online? More and more of us are. We've all heard of coupons and know that we can use them in stores. You've probably also heard of coupon or promotional codes you can use to get a discount when shopping online. But did you know about these other easy ways to save when you're shopping online?


  • What it is: a plug-in for Chrome

  • How to use it: Click the link above to download, and follow the instructions to install. Whenever you checkout at an online retailer, honey will open a little window asking if you'd like to try coupon codes to get a discount. Honey will then go through all the coupon codes it knows and apply the one that saves you the most money. Another, maybe most useful feature of Honey is that it keeps track of prices on Amazon. It'll let you know if there's a better price available or if the item you're looking at has a fluctuating price.


  • What it is: a buy through website

  • How to use it: Click the link to visit the site and sign up for a free account. You can download the plugin for your browser or just visit the Ebates site each time you buy something online. Search for the online retailer on Ebates and click through their affiliate link to earn a percentage back.


  • What it is: a buy through website

  • How to use it: There are actually 2 ways to use Swagbucks. The first is the same as Ebates i.e. click through the Swagbucks site to an online retailer to earn a percentage back. The second way is to earn points (Swagbucks or SBs) by clicking through slideshows or video playlists. Look for 'free' SBs under the Watch tab on the left navigation bar. Watch an entire playlist to earn the SBs. They also have a phone app through which you can watch playlists and earn SBs.

Disclaimer: If you do decide to sign up through the links I've provided, I might earn some points too. So that's another way you can earn money back - refer your friends!

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