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  • Gwen Mak

Wizard magic!

How cool is this wizard photo? No, it's not a trick of editing. It's just a little augmented reality. Turns any regular muggle photo into a wizard photo that comes to life (when you view it with the Prynt app). No, this post isn't sponsored, and it's also not meant to be an ad. But, I think there are so many awesome possibilities for this kind of technology!

Ok, let me calm down for a second and back up to tell you how I did this. It's a pretty simple, just different way of printing. First, you need a little bit of pixie dust - in the form of a Prynt instant photo printer. I believe there are two models - the Classic, and the Pocket. I got the Pocket. It's compatible with any iPhone that uses a lightning cable.

The printer setup is well explained and worked right out of the box for me. The packaging is simple, recyclable and tidy. Basically, you download the (free) Prynt app. While it's downloading, plug the printer into a power source, even though it does come with a charge. Plug your phone into the printer and load up the paper/film. I tried to put in the whole stack of 10 sheets at first, but that proved a bit too many, so I took out a few, as the app suggested, and it was fine.

Using the app is also fairly simple. You can either take a photo or choose one from your camera roll. You can print it as is, or you can add a video that will play whenever the photo is scanned with the Prynt app. I picked a video that was already on my phone, but you can also record one through the app. After I picked my video, I printed the photo. The app has a little animation that makes it look like the video is being magic-ed into the photo - really nice. Ta-da, all done!

I think it's pretty awesome. The photos are stickers too, which makes them extra fun. Can't wait to do some experiments and play with it more!

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