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Big Chocolate Bunny

SKU: 286-246-2
Color: Brown
  • This big chocolate bunny has finished his snuggle training and is all ready to become your newest best friend. He's taken classes in listening, comforting, and making people smile. He'll never talk back to you (he doesn't even have a mouth!), but his big ears mean that he'll always be there to listen to your secrets, hopes and dreams.


    Things you should know:

    Height: 12" from tip of ear to sole of foot

    Tummy circumfrence: 7.5"

    100% Acrylic with hypoallergenic polyester stuffing

    Machine washable! Place him in a lingerie bag and wash on warm, then dry on warm or cool.

    Comes wearing one outfit SIMILAR to the one pictured - one shirt and one pair of shorts. The sunglasses, soda, and beach ball are stickers and do NOT come with the bunny. [Bunnies don't drink soda anyway.]

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