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Conveniently and discreetly keep your workout socks with you when you need them!


Toss the whole bag (with socks inside - not balled up) in the wash, and you'll always have what you need to work out.


This FitKit features limited edition pink mesh.


Each FitKit is handmade. All packaging is 100% recyclable. 


UPDATE: These are perfect for washing your fabric masks so the ties don't get tangled around your other clothes or the agitator in your top load machine!



  • Not having dirty socks fall out of your pocket, purse, glove box...
  • Keeping track of your (expensive) grippy socks
  • Keeping your work out socks in matching pairs
  • Preserve the grip on your socks for longer - keeping them in the FitKit means they won't pick up lint or fuzz in the laundry


NOTE: If you would like to pick up your order in your Bethesda, MD studio, please indicate which studio in the notes section.


$19.00 Regular Price
$14.25Sale Price
    1. Toss socks (separately and unrolled) into FitKit. 
    2. Cinch the ties - unless you have a particularly energetic washing machine, you should not need to tie them - but they are long enough to tie if needed.
    3. Put the FitKit (with socks inside) into the washing machine with the rest of your gym clothes or regular laundry. 
    4. Move the FitKit (check to see it's still closed) to the dryer and dry with your gym clothes or regular laundry. We recommend checking the dryness level of your socks the first few times. All of us use different washers and dryers, with different settings. Please make sure that you are adjusting your settings to be sure your socks are fully dried. The mesh of the FitKit allows for very good air flow and breathability,so socks should dry fully on normal settings, but it's always good to check!
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