Gift mis-givings?

July 5, 2017

Sometimes you want to give the perfect present to someone. It's her big birthday, he's getting married, she just bought a house. Whatever the reason, it can be tough to think of the best present for a great person. I have two ideas to help you.


The first is to keep a running list of things you think would be good gifts for anyone and for specific recipients. I have a secret board on Pinterest where I pin gift ideas. I use the comments section to write their name, and if there's a specific reason or conversation we had that made me think it would be appropriate, I'll write a little note. When I'm looking for a gift for someone, I can look to the board for ideas. It's fun when I've written a little note about why I pinned that item or activity. I get to remember a happy moment with a friend, and when I tell them about it, we get to remember it again.


My second idea is to put a lot of little thoughts together. Some of the gifts I've appreciated the most were collections of little things or memories. One fun way to present such a present is to make it into a countdown calendar. If you know there's an exciting day ahead, wrap each small item so your recipient can open one each day. It spreads out the joy!


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