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5 Sep 2017

Sephora helps save you money! Plus some ideas for those little sample containers

19 Jul 2017

Do you shop online? More and more of us are. We've all heard of coupons and know that we can use them in stores. You've probably also heard of coupon or promotional codes you can use to get a discount when shopping online. But did you know about these other easy ways t...

24 May 2017

Cosmetics companies saw revenues in excess of $62 billion in revenues in 2016. That's because people are spending more and more on skin care and cosmetics each year. In fact, the Washington Post reports that women are choosing cosmetics and skin care over clothes more...

1 Mar 2017

One way in which we generate a lot of landfill waste is by throwing away clothes. The EPA estimates that each American throws away around 70lbs of clothing and textiles each year. That's a lot of clothes! How many of those clothes really deserve to be sent to a landfil...

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